Build error ValidateDomainServicesTask task could not be found


It seems like the msbuild validation task which should be run when building the server cannot be loaded.
Compilation seems to succeed but an error is added since the validation cannot start.
[CoreValidateDomainServices] D:\.....\packages\OpenRiaServices.Server.\build\OpenRiaServices.Server.targets(83, 5): error MSB4062: The "OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools.ValidateDomainServicesTask" task could not be loaded from the assembly OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools. Could not load file or assembly 'OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. Confirm that the <UsingTask> declaration is correct, that the assembly and all its dependencies are available, and that the task contains a public class that implements Microsoft.Build.Framework.ITask.
Closed Jun 14 at 1:53 PM by danneesset


danneesset wrote Jan 11, 2016 at 12:08 PM

Fixed in changeset ae55863862dd33a809997c13f008fc10c4a40396

mgrosperrin wrote Mar 23, 2016 at 10:15 AM

we have a similar issue with the version
The error on our build server is :
Échec inattendu de la tâche "ValidateDomainServicesTask".
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Impossible de charger le fichier ou l'assembly 'OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' ou une de ses dépendances. Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.
Nom de fichier : 'OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'
à OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools.DomainServiceCatalog..ctor(IEnumerable`1 assembliesToLoad, ILogger logger)
à OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools.Validation.DomainServiceValidator.Validate(String[] assemblies, ILoggingService logger)
à OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools.Validation.DomainServiceValidator.Validate(String[] assemblies, ILoggingService logger)
à OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools.ValidateDomainServicesTask.ValidateDomainServices()
à OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Tools.ValidateDomainServicesTask.Execute()
à Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.TaskExecutionHost.Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.ITaskExecutionHost.Execute()
à Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.TaskBuilder.<ExecuteInstantiatedTask>d__26.MoveNext()

We have made a small modification in the OpenRiaServices.Server package on our own gallery and it works in both our local machines and the build server. The modification is to add OpenRiaServices.DomainServices.Server and OpenRiaServices.DomaineServices.Hosting in both the build and lib folders.
I will submit a PR for this modification.
In the nuspec, we have add